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"We are always a call away"

Whether you are looking to replace your existing cleaners, need extra help this week, moving out or just wondering who can do a better job, Zesty Cleaning & Maintenance Services are ready and willing to assist you with all your needs.  Call us... We are always a call away.
  1. Domestic Cleaning
    Domestic Cleaning
    Whether weekly or fortnightly our cleaning staff have a passion for what they do and are happy to undergo the cleaning whilst you are away doing what give you most satisfaction. Experience the joy of coming to a nice clean home and let's us keep your house zesty and spotless.
  2. Office Cleaning
    Office Cleaning
    As a Business Owners ourselves, we understand your needs! To you, we can offer you a reliable, quality and consistent service every week. From single offices to buildings, our cleaners can help. Big or small the job, we are committed to providing you great service, and we are always a call away.
  3. Bond Cleaning
    Bond Cleaning
    Our cleaners are skilled, experienced and qualified to meet all your bond cleaning needs. Many rental managers and tenants can attest to the quality of our service. Don't second guess, get your money back in full. We are here to bring your property to its former glory.
  4. High Pressure Cleaning
    High Pressure Cleaning
    Clean your driveway, house exterior, brickpaving, eaves, any concrete, any decking, timber homes, or foothpaths. With 3000 psi, we can achieve results second to none. Make a booking, most high pressure cleaning can be arrange for the weekend.
  5. Carpet Cleaning
    Carpet Cleaning
    Who is on top of your carpet? Your pet?, Your children? or yourself? Your carpet is a giant air filter, because it traps all of those floating contaminants into its many fibers but like anything else, if it's not maintained it becomes ineffective and even dangerous to the health of those that are susceptible to asthma and other allergies.
  6. Oven Cleaning
    Oven Cleaning
    Either as a part of your regular cleaning or as an extra job, we can help you take control of your oven after that holiday cuisine extravaganza or your Master Chef competition training. Leave it to us, we are trained and got the required tools and chemicals to bring up your oven to a shining life.